Monday, May 07, 2007

5 photos from Lone Fir Cemetery 2004-2006. These are my submissions to the Newspace Juried Exhibit this year. Update 6/5/07. Received my terse little rejection notice from Newspace this evening. I expected it, but it still stings a little. Here are the winners of the Newspace juried exhibit. In the words of the exhibition juror, "Filters and "the critical lens" are a necessity, now more than ever, when it comes to imbibing and coercing meaning from the sea of work out there. Got that right. Another update, 7/20. Saw the exhibit last week. The typical post-modernist poster children that are the standard of fine art photography in this town. (1.) The "what the hell is that image." check. (2.) The unprentitious image with the pretentious title, check. (3.) Image taken from moving car window, check.(4.)obligatory picture of people looking ackward, check.(5.)Token silver gelatin print,check. Token digital image desaturated to look like silver gelatin print,check. Really, really big C-print,check. Image taken with a lensbabie, check. All the bases covered.


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