Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fireworks, 7/4/o7

I took this picture last week using my Mamiya C-220 with a large Metz flash attached. I found this flash at Hollywood Camera last May and it requires a seperate power pack you wear around your shoulder with one of these rather large rechargable batteries so the whole outfit is pretty cumbersome but very cool looking as you can see. I had hoped to use this to shoot pictures like those wonderful Weegee images from the 1940's or Diane Arbus. My first time trying this out "in the field" was a failure. I managed to get the whole setup to fire just once. Seems as I was moving around I would accidentally turn off the power pack so the flash wouldn't fire, or something would go wrong with the sync cord. The next day I hooked it all up and tested it without film in the camera it worked perfect. Glad I wasn't doing a wedding.


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