Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Hollwood Camera Haul. Once a month after I get my haircut at Hollywood Hair I stroll next door to check out Hollywood Camera. A Camera Shop that has been in that location on Sandy Blvd. since 1953. I check out his current inventory to see if anything piques my interest. Yesterday I came home with a 35mm stainless steel film development tank, and a very cool pneumatic shutter release with a 10' cord. I had hoped to use this on my View Camera but it didn't fit it, it does work though on all my 35mm cameras and my Koni Omega. He threw in the bottle of photoflo for free. He tried to interest me in this 1959 Viscount Aries a 35mm rangefinder that he was selling for around 60.00. It was a very solid feeling camera but has no light meter built in. Still it sported a 6 element 1.9 45mm lens, and the shutter was extremely quiet. The viewfinder was very bright and easy to focus. I was tempted but I already have a nice rangefinder.


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