Friday, August 17, 2007

Developing Film
Today I developed a roll of 35mm film shot with my Leitz CL. I still have problems properly getting a roll of film on a reel before I put it in the film tank so I practice a few times before I handle the actual film. Today everything went well, no kinks, no problems. I developed a roll of Agfa 100 which I developed in Rodinal at a 1 to 25 dilution. I use distilled water for all my chemicals. This isn't much of an extra expense since I develop only a couple rolls of film a month. Lucky for me my basement darkroom pretty much stays at 68-70 degrees farenheit so I don't have to worry about maintaining optimal temperatures. I develop the film for 8 minutes with gentle agitation , followed by a water rinse, fixing bath, hypo remover, wash, photo flo then hang to dry.


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