Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Call for entries from Newspace has got me thinking about submitting some pictures. The theme of the special show to be in February will be 'The Altered Landscape'. There is no condition on how old a photograph is for it to be eligible for submission (past shows required the photograph to be no more then 2 years old) which would give me a chance to submit some older work like my Kamm House ruins photographs that I took over 30 years ago. These three pictures contain an element of duality, the unatural in opposition to the natural. The Bonsai tree juxtaposed against the uncultured trees behind it seperated by a wall, the two lawns side by side one well manicured the other overgrown, and the decaying pillar with it's leaf design returning to nature along with decaying real leaves. I have trouble thinking in terms of themes, or series when taking pictures. I tend to take pictures one at a time and always think of them as solitary rather then part of a group.


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