Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Summer about to evaporate but I do have a few negatives and undeveloped film from this one to keep me busy through the Winter. I also have at least 3 spectacular botanical subjects growing on my front porch to model for me and my favorite season Autumn will soon be here. I am hoping to make a decision on a mat cutter soon and perhaps the upcoming long weekend will give me a chance to practice what I learned last weekend. There are two opportunities to get work shown (if I can get work accepted) coming up and if I can devote some time to getting prints properly presented for showing over the Winter maybe I can consider approaching a gallery with enough images to compose a show. Since I started serious printing 4 years ago I come up with 3 maybe 4 pictures a year that I am proud of and with a few pictures I made 30 years ago I am approaching a time when I feel I will have enough images to have something to present. Not quite there yet but close.


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