Saturday, November 08, 2008

I am taking an extra long weekend so I can begin this project we have been putting off since we moved to this house almost 20 years ago remove several layers of wall paper that were painted over. I worked pretty much all day yesterday and managed to strip only one wall and clean most of the old adhesive off. The plaster is in pretty good shape under the wall. Should make a good surface to paint on after I clean off all the old adhesive.
I haven't been able to take time to work in the darkroom for quite awhile. I am glad that I got out that one weekend to take pictures in Lone Fir when the autumn colors were at their best. I had planned to work this weekend on putting together a cd for submitting some photographs to a juried show but I may not get it done in time. I had some work rejected last month for another juried show which kind of curbed my enthusiasm for the process.


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