Saturday, November 22, 2008

I have been going over photographs I never posted here before because at the time I made them I didn't think they were all that good. Here is one from a roll of film I shot around the Kamm House back in 75'. This is the remains of an old trolley barn. Not sure if the column at the left of the picture was part of the structure or something being stored there. The shape at the center of the picture formed by the column and the arch reminds me of a harp. At the time I don't recall finding it all that interesting but now I wish I had taken more photographs. The bottom picture is a bulb plant I grew and photographed in several different formats a few years ago. Can't remember now what it is called.


Blogger Identity Gypsy said...

You have some wonderful images on your blog. I am inspired by your passion to stay with film. I sold all my manual equipment and reinvested the money (plus some) into digital. Now I am shopping for an old Ninon F2 so I can continue to shoot film/slide and to regain much of the creative in-camera control I desire to realize my visions.

Photoshop looks SO artificial - true multiple images are exposed into emulsion, not overlaid - quite long night exposures shouldn't be grainy with blobs of digital noise - cold weather situations can be quite photogenic and shouldn't be neglected because digital doesn't like it chilly!

Power To The Photomic!!!

10:51 AM  

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