Monday, April 20, 2009

Three interesting regional photography shows .

I believe these three shows will be closing soon and all three have NW connections that anyone interested in regional photography might be interested in. I believe all are within walking distance of one another. The work of Edward S. Curtis will be shown at the Quintana gallery. I read about this show in The Oregonian by Portlands "C student" art critic. The other show is at the 114 Gallery of the work of Paul Dahlquist. Last Summer I met Dahlquist waiting for the Belmont bus and we rode in to town together and had a very pleasant conversation about the joys of darkroom work. He showed me some contact sheets and finished prints he'd been working on. He told me about a practice he had in printing where he always transferred a bit of the previous batch of near exhausted developer solution in to a fresh batch. He likened it to a practice a former wife of his had in making sourdough bread where she always maintained the same "starter" yeast mix to maintain consistency. It's good to have those little rituals that only make sense to you. I hope I am still be working in the darkroom at 80. The other show is a collection of early infrared images by the late Terry Toedtemeier at Blue Sky. Terry Toedtemeier was invited to speak one evening at Cherie Hisers class at Newspace back in 2006 when I was enrolled. He mainly talked about Basalt formations along the Oregon Coast. He struck me as rather bored by his job as curator of the PAM collection.


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