Sunday, July 19, 2009

This years Magnolia flower picture. Used a Mamiya C220 camera with Agfa 25 120 film in a 6x6 format. Printed out on warm tone semi-matte ilford fiber paper. The negative had a flaw that is difficult to see on the negative but shows up on the print as a very light squiggly line running through the middle of the picture, it's not a scratch but looks like maybe a product of uneven development of the negative. I liked this particular negative though because I used the widest apeture for a narrow focus range to give the picture a kind of soft, pictorial, pre photo secessionist movement look.

I like the look of the work of the earlier pictorialist photographers who due to the type of equipment and materials and probably the style of the times let their pictures emphasize the weaknessess of early photographic techniques. Ansel Adams liked to call these type of photographers the 'Fuzzy-Wuzzies' and he and several young rebels broke free to form the f-64 group and the photo secessionist movement that worked at perfecting the photographic image to show what the camera could do best; render the world in all it's detail.


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