Monday, April 12, 2010

Photograph from 1972 maybe 73.  I took this picture and made a print for a friend and she recently posted a scan of it on my facebook wall telling me she still had it.  I still have the negative and I think I tried making some prints from it but they didn't come out as nice as this.

I have been really neglecting photography lately but I hope to remedy that this week.  I have that replacement lens for the Mamiya C-220 that turned out to be in real good shape and I want to run a roll of film through the camera to check it out and do some printing again. 

I started volunteering at the Oregon Historical Society Research Library and have had little chance to do much but copy documents and photographs for patrons but I am hoping to get a chance to do some personal research soon.  There are thousands of photographs in files from all over town going back a hundred years.  I hope to do some research on old photographs of familiar places and follow up contemporary photographs of the same sites here in Southeast and Downtown and Oak Grove. Something I thought about years ago and never got around to.


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