Sunday, May 30, 2010

This is the first 6x6 negative I've printed on the new enlarger using sheets of glass for a negative carrier.  I printed this on some Zone VI paper I had that's a semi-gloss and I can't tell if it's a warm or cold tone paper.  I used Ilford Bromophen for the developer.  I experimented with a different printing approach using the soft and hard lights seperate for two exposures of the negative running a series of 2.5 sec exposures with the soft light from left to right and then a series of 2.5 sec exposures with the hard light from bottom to top so the lower right corner square would be the least exposed and the upper left corner the most exposed and then trying to figure out the combination somewhere in the grid between those two points.  I was trying to print with some detail in the shadows in the central branch that rises from the center placing that area in the print between Zone II and III with out  washing out the higher valued areas where the sun was hitting the tree.  I used a 135mm el-nikkor since at this point with this enlarger I don't have a lens board that can accomodate a nikon mount lens.  I prefer to print 6x6 with my 105mm bellows nikkor lens.


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