Sunday, September 16, 2012

He has high hopes.  Here is a lot of cameras for sale on e-bay. Wants 50 bills or 500 bills (not sure if a bill stands for a thousand or a hundred) and a thousand for shipping. Yikes.  If I had 50,000 to spend on cameras I'd be more selective.  Right now I am thinking of reducing the cameras I have in order to focus with only a few.  My Nikons for 35mm and a Mamiya RB67 Pro for medium format.  Of course I'd keep my Mamiya 220 for 6x6.

Mamiya RB67 Pro

I was looking at one of these in my favorite used camera shop.  He wanted a little too much for the model he was selling and I detected an issue with it so I decided to see what they sold for on e-bay and craigs list.  This is a camera a lot like the Nikon F.  Well made, plenty of them out there, lots of lenses and accessories and undervalued.  A camera for those of us who actually take pictures with their cameras rather than collect them.  My kind of camera.


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