Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Dream Team. Just got 10 rolls of 120 Agfapan 25 yesterday that I bought on e-bay. I have quite a lot of the Agfapan 25 in 35mm format but this is the first supply of the film in medium format I've been able to find. I look forward to making many beautiful prints from negatives taken with my Mamiya.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just showed this post to hubby. I now have drool on the top of my head. APX is his fave film also. And we love Rodinol. He wanted to know if you would adopt us until I pointed out that you are a year younger than we are.

We also have a Calumet 4 x 5 but we are looking for replacement bellows. Hence our trip to Dallas, OR. No bellows to be had, though.

Anyway, I drop by your blog everyday and love your images. I also love the details of what/how/etc technical talk of developing/printing. Keeps me on my toes!


2:06 PM  

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