Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Graded Papers. In the dwindling resources available to darkroom photographers graded papers are difficult to find. I found 20 sheets of 8x10 Forte Fortezo Elegance in a Grade 3, fiber based and in warm tone semi matte on e-bay and did some printing this weekend using my cold light on my enlarger. Nice contrast, and I like the more gradual shift in tones between the sunlit parts of the tree trunk and the shadows. I'd love to find a supply of this paper.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another lovely image. I am hoping that at least one company will continue to make REAL photo paper. I just don't feel the passion with a digital camera. Darkroom techniques should never be lost.

"Digital Darkroom"???? No thanks.


4:37 PM  
Blogger TR said...

Amen. As I understand Ilford is still doing well now that it no longer has to compete with Agfa and Kodak. Now if only someone would make a fine grain film again like Panatomic X or Agfapan 25. There must be a market for it since I have seen rolls of fine grain films go for 35-50.00 a roll on e-bay, expired or not. Hopefully Kodak will never stop making Kodachrome. Again thanks for the compliments glad to read that someone appreciates the effort.

6:29 PM  

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