Monday, July 23, 2007

Prehistoric Gardens Gold Beach, Oregon 1967. I found the negative to this picture yesterday and decided to try and print it on my Omega enlarger. The print in the corner is my original print made back in 1967 on this Argus printer that my Mom had used back in the 40's when she was an amateur photographer. When I first became interested in Photography she still had a box of all her old gear, An Argus Printer, safelight, and these old bakelite trays.I used our only bathroom as a darkroom. I bought a Kodak Tri-Chem pack with Dektol, Stop, and Fix. The Argus Printer was about the size of a toaster with a slot on the side you would run your roll of 35mm (or in this case 126)negatives through. The image would be projected slightly enlarged on to a piece of frosted glass about 2 x 3 inches. You would lay down a piece of photographic paper on to the glass and then close a lid which would press the paper flat and turn on the light and project the image on to the printing paper. I had the negative in backwards. At citizens Photo back where they do processing on the shelves they have some "Museum" pieces on display and they have one of those old Argus printers sitting there on the top shelf. I had to explain to one of the young girls working in the photo finishing department what it was.


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