Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dodged or undodged. This is one of the images I'm thinking about submitting (while still thinking about submitting anything at all) to the Newspace show on the "Altered Landscape". The wall behind the tree reflected much more light then the trees behind it so the apeture was adjusted leaving the upper third of the image underexposed by a stop. I can compensate for this by dodging the upper third of the image by about 50% and I get a little more definition to the trees behind the "Bone-sigh". Yesterday while making some test strips I was liking the background darker with just the barest outlines of the leaves so I thought of printing without any dodging at all. Now I'm thinking perhaps of burning in the upper third to get a dark black rectangle with just a few lighter areas and see what that looks like. For most of these pictures I tried to keep the compositions simple by just focusing on the bonsai against the neutral background leaving out the park that contained the bonsai garden outside of the composition. For this picture I must have decided to include the forest as well as the tree perhaps to try and say something about the world within the world or whatever. I didn't like the image and the only reason I'd consider it now is that someone I really respect likes it and it kinda sorta fits in to the theme of this show or at least my take on what the theme of the show is.


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