Friday, June 27, 2008

Return to Kamm House. Yesterday I decided on my lunch break to catch the Max line West and get off at the Goose Hollow station to see what was left of these old "ruins" that I had photographed back in 1975. The only building left was the Jacob Kamm house which now is occupied and spruced up quite a bit. I didn't want to wander around in back to see if anything was left of the old gardens but I did take a picture of the front doors which are still intact with the original mouldings. At some point in the near future I'll develop the film and print the pictures I took and perhaps make another visit to re shoot the front door picture with the same lens so I can replicate the image as closely as possible.Update 7/6/08. Here is a print of a picture taken with a 28mm lens of the front entrance way and cropped to match the picture from 1975.


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