Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I have been looking for a big Magnolia grandiflora to photograph in hopes of creating something like this wonderful Martin Johnson Heade illustration. I noticed one near my house just starting to open up yesterday evening in a convenient place for plucking. I went back later in the evening and cut it and brought it home hoping it would last long enough for me to photograph it after I got home from work today. I kept it nice and cool but it went from white to a pleasant shade of brown by the time I got home. While setting it up to photograph the petals started dropping off so it wasn't what I had hoped for but I took some pictures anyway using a 6x6 format with Agfa 25 film. This is a digital picture taken of the flower I was trying to photograph. This weekend I'll develop the film and hopefully I'll get something nice. At least the flower will come out white with black and white film.


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