Friday, December 26, 2008

"That's not a Nikon, now this er is a NIKON!"

I got my son a Nikon coolpix for Christmas. It's a sweet little "camera" and takes very good "photographs". It's not quite as big or as heavy as the Photomic view finder on the Nikon but you can carry the whole camera in your shirt pocket something you couldn't do with the 5 lb. Nikon F.

I actually was impressed with the versatility and portability of the little coolpix. It has a very sharp lens and the tiny, tiny strobe really lights up an indoor shot. It can also take a very nice closeup though as far as I could see the optical stabilization isn't real good for a handheld closeup but probably in brighter light it would be more effective. Here are two closeups I did with the camera hand held with available light.


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