Wednesday, December 17, 2008

" Hey Guys come look there's something here in the ice!"
It was nice to have a little snow on the ground and anticipation in the air this week. My kids and I got a couple of snow days which gave me some time to get our Christmas tree up and decorated and inject some money in to the economy. I wanted though to get some pictures of Lone Fir in the snow but never got around to it. Perhaps I'll get another chance tomorrow. Last Sunday was the most interesting day because we got our tree, or I should say "We eeeaaaarrrrnnnndddd it." The boys and I drove out east looking for a u-cut tree farm in the midst of what was the worst of it. We had studded tires, lots of coats and blankets but the whole time I was white-knuckling it thinking I was going to get caught in a snowstorm and be stuck east of 82nd avenue after dark (the horror, the horror). We made it home though but without the traditional stop at Dairy Queen which was closed. Like no one wants ice cream when it's 23 degrees out.
This is a movie still from the 1950 something film "The Thing from Outer Space" which was kinda sorta inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft novella, "The Mountains of Madness".


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