Thursday, January 01, 2009

Did some of my first work in the darkroom today since October. I have been working with my Aristo cold light now for over a year I decided to set it aside for awhile and work with the condensers and the brighter and hotter incandescent light source. I wanted to see if the sharpness of the condenser light source was worth the grain and dust spots and other flaws in the negative that will require more retouching work. Here is a detail from each of the two photographs the top one was produced with the condenser light source the bottom one with a cold light source. Both printed with the same lens, same paper and same contrast filter. I can't really tell much if any difference in the sharpness. I'll keep experimenting with the condenser for a few other negatives but I cannot see much reason to use the condenser light source anymore now that I do have a cold light that works with contrast filters.


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