Saturday, February 28, 2009

While out and about this morning I came across an estate sale a few blocks away. It was an interesting assemblage of ecletica. The garage contained not only a lot of tools but an actual British Ford Escort from the 1960's and a motorcycle (that someone bought and coasted home on down Belmont street). There was lots of furniture, a piano, toys, toy trains, Japanese records , even a photo enlarger. I saw this camera which intrigued me but once I got it home and took a good look at it I can't see myself making any use of it. It's a Kodak Bullet No. 4 made in 1896. It used some kind of giant roll film, but I believe also could be loaded with glass plates. The apeture is a piece of metal with three different sized holes and it has a shutter and a lens of sorts. Two view finders one for composing a horizontal picture by tipping the camera on it's side and the other for vertical. There is even a way to focus the camera by sliding a switch on the side which moves the film plane forward or backward about an inch. There might be a way to load 4x5 film holders on to the back so I could try taking pictures with it. I also got with it a very flimsy old wooden tripod and an old lens and lens plate that at first I thought was for this camera but must have been for some other camera possibly a view camera.


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