Saturday, August 15, 2009

The family and I took a trip down to the Redwoods going along 101 all the way. Didn't shoot near as much film as I brought with me but time was an issue, and I work best alone which was hard to do on a family trip. These are pictures I took with an old Canon digital camera that my son let me have after he got a nicer Nikon coolpix. I worked today on developing the roll of 35mm film I did complete on the trip, and making a contact sheet and printing one negative. I'll do some more printing from that roll tomorrow as well as develop a roll of 120 infrared film I shot at Yachats. It was hard to take pictures in the Redwoods, I brought along a monopod but not my tripod. I had to come up with some creative ways to brace the camera for the 1 second exposures that were required in the shade of the Redwoods using Agfa 100. Next time I'll come prepared with Tri-X pan and a good sturdy tripod.


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