Monday, August 17, 2009

One of the few times I was free to work alone with the camera was an afternoon after arriving early in Yachats. I shot a full roll of Konica Infrared film with my Mamiya C220 on the beach in front of our hotel. Infrared film in 120 format is difficult to find, the only rolls I have are expired film stock I have found on e-bay. I used a Monopod and shot most of these at f2.8 at around 125th of a second. Using a red filter I find I have to set my light meter for an ASA film rating of 10 to get consistent results in natural light. I could have developed the film for an extra minute or so but I had to pretty much guess. I developed the film for 5 1/2 minutes in D-76, and then instead of using stop bath I immerse the film in distilled water for a few minutes allowing some development to continue before I fix.


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