Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh in inspiration’s midst,

I shall await tomorrow’s beauty
and truth when we shall say’st,
“Is it worthwhile in this moment
to capture life with light?”
Ode to a Camera by Lorita O’Leary

McIver Park out around Estacada in 1972.  The scene of Vortex a few years previous (Oregons Woodstock).  I've recently reconnected with a friend of mine who was with me on this day long bike/photography trip.  I had never got around to making prints from the negatives I took on that  trip but still had them.  She still had her old negatives and gave them to me and I finally got around to making prints from that day almost 40 years ago.  It was pleasant revisiting that day through processing the photographs.  Looking at photographic manifestations of a time and place not forgotten but not remembered with the clarity and details of the camera.  The way we looked, seeing images of my old bike, and my Nikon F which is still with me but no longer the pushing edge of technology it was back then.  It's just a relic now like me.


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