Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Here are two more negatives from pictures I took downtown when I was still in High School but never got around to printing.  Details like the cars and  parked on the street and the ugly street lamps were easy clues but I also shot pictures downtown while going to PSU in the early 70's when I bought my own Camera in 72'.  The other clue that dated these images was the angle of view is wider than my 50 1.4 lens that was all I had for my Nikon F in the early 70's.  These images were taken with a 35mm 1.4 that my High School darkroom had and my Senior year I was able to take equipment home on the weekends. A beautiful lens that I wish I owned now.  I probably took these in the Winter of 1971 and I noticed the film was Kodak Plus X not the usual Tri-X pan I normally used.  These pictures are taken behind the old Paramount Theatre, now the Schnitzer Auditorium in the far North end of the South Park blocks that stretch up to PSU.  This is one of Portlands more lovely pieces of public art.  I was surprised a bit by the picture taken through the arch with the Art Museum in the background.  It's not a bad picture and I'm surprised I never bothered to print it until now.  I didn't really know how to print back then and these negatives that were pretty high contrast would have created problems for me since I probably would have either made them too flat or too contrasty.  My new enlarger has made printing and tweaking images much easier.  I am also a much more sophisticated printer now and I am rediscovering negatives all of the time that I would have dismissed 40 years ago because I lacked the skills to yield a good print from them.


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