Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Black and White Ball in Black and White

Held in Directors Park on Saturday August 28th.  I photographed this at the request of a facebook friend who was the daughter of my 6th grade teacher at Oak Grove Grade School.  It's been awhile since I have photographed a dance but this one was outdoors in the early evening when I could still use available light.  It might have been fun to shoot some photos using flash and the Mamiya 6x6 to get some photographs like those wonderful Diane Arbus pictures of Drag Queens dances and New Years Eve parties. I used Tri-X pan and as the sun set and light faded I was shooting at 125th of a second which was not enough to slow down the movement in some cases and exposures in the 1.4-2.8 range.  I brought along my 85 mm, 50mm and 24mm lenses but only used the 50 and 24.  I wish now I had brought out the 85 but with people moving and the short focal range of that lens I probably would have had a lot of out of focus images.  The nice thing about the 24 is that I bearly have to focus it at all, the 50mm worked well but I did have a few too many images out of focus but when I did get someone in nice and sharp the images were pretty nice.


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