Saturday, May 07, 2011

From left to right Ira Keller first director of the PDC, Mayor Terry Schrunk, Lawrence Halperin architect of the Forecourt Fountain (now Ira Keller Fountain).

"You must burn the village to save the village"  Burning of a community for the South Auditorium Urban Renewal Project 1961.

"The only slums we have in Portland is the garbage in City Hall, the Courts, the Portland Development Commission.  When did the Portland people crown Ira C. Keller?  When was he ordained King?  Who gave him full authority to rule over the destinies of the people?"  Sign in the window of Korsuns Kosher Delicatessen protesting the South Auditorium project and Ira Keller who as the first director of the Portland Development Commission was the driving force behind it.  Here is an interesting link about what was lost.


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