Friday, October 07, 2011

So I upgraded my digital camera. Gone from a 5 megapixel Canon point and shoot to a 8 megapixel Powershot Pro-1.  Here is a pretty in depth review. I had been using a digital camera I bought for my son around 6 years ago that went through double A batteries after about an hour of use and I have been meaning to retire it. This is used and appears fully functional.   It  has a much better lens and a hybrid "through the lens" view finder like a conventional camera as well as a screen like most digital cameras.  I think these were new around 2004 so a used model didn't cost very much on e-bay.  It was about the equivalent of a box of my favorite photographic paper.  I am not planning on going digital but I'd been wanting a better digital camera and a good photographer friend of mine had this model and I liked it so much I started pricing them on e-bay.  I hope to run it through it's paces over the next couple of days to see if it is operating properly and if not I can return it.


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