Thursday, November 03, 2011

"I really love what you've done with the place."

I have been walking through or around the Occupy Portland Camps for close to a month now.  My first pictures taken of the demonstration in the park on the waterfront were taken exactly a month ago using my newly acquired digital camera.  Since then I've been working with both digital and analog.  I've taken hundreds of pictures and still have work on 4 rolls of film that I have barely begun to print out.  That will probably take me most of next year to work on.  Though the parks are packed with people I'm just not that good at including people in my compositions.  I like to photograph people but only if I am engaged with them and I normally don't like to be engaged with people.  Sometimes I see a group or individual that adds something to the picture but mostly I take pictures of the environment without people which isn't that difficult.  Most of these are pretty boring but sometimes I catch something interesting.  I've been meaning to do some work with medium format film.  I think this has a ways to go and the aftermath of the mess once it's been closed down should be interesting as well as the park once it has recovered.  I'll have to look for some work I've done within the park before this event but I rarely photographed there the park really wasn't all that interesting.


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