Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy Portland has held on for three weeks now but those who organized it have lost control of it.  That is if they ever had any to begin with.  A memo released by Occupied Portland Inc. (registered trademark) suggests that the core group wants to shake off it's ties with the motley crew of street kids, homeless, and mentally ill who have occupied downtown Portland for years. On Saturday they plan a demonstration and a march to Jamison Square in Portlands toney Pearl District perhaps in hopes that they won't be followed by the Chapman and Lownsdale Square crowd that they welcomed with free meals three weeks ago but now want to scrape off their shoe like so much dog poo.   A similar issue with the free-loaders has also arisen in Occupy Wall Street in New York where instead of haute cuisine they are going to serve only red beans and brown rice until they go away. 

Our local excuse for Government has given warning to Occupy Portland that they should stay put but someone named "Matt" from Occupy Portland fired off an e-mail salvo basically saying "You and whose Army is going to make me!"  Along with all of this is the very bad timing of a Union March of Solidarity with Occupy Portland that happened on October 27th and on October 28th another Progressive Juggernaut showed up at Pioneer Square to voice their support.  It's really hilarious to watch Portlands Progressive Elective Officials twisting themselves in to idealogical knots.  It makes one almost nostalgic for politicos from the old days like Terry Schrunk and Frank Ivancie  who had a pair and weren't afraid to "use em".


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