Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Aquarium at 4 weeks.  My first introduction of fish.  I was primarily going with algae eating creatures like snails, shrimp and algae eating fish like Otocinclus and the Siamese Algae eater.  At three weeks though the impact of the plants on the suppression of Algae growth became evident.  If I waited another few days I probably wouldn't have bought so many Algae eating fish.  I like the Otocinclus catfish because they are small and busy little cleaners.  The Siamese Algae Eaters though I should have passed on they get large and I think their aggressive especially around feeding time.  The Aquarium is so heavily planted I probably couldn't get them out with a net without damaging the plant scape so I guess I'll just have to deal with them.  The Amano Shrimp though not all that attractive are very busy around the tank and seem to be doing really well.  The Caridina Shrimp are great.  I've ordered some more online.  I am looking forward to them breeding.


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