Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nelsons Gold Toner For me one of the attractions of analog photography is the chemistry or in this case the alchemy of analog photography. The opportunity to mix chemical elixers and experiment. I purchased a kit of Gold Toner from The Photographers' Formulary and mixed it this weekend . A combination of sodium thiosulfate, potasium persulfate, silver nitrate, sodium chloride, mixed, combined and then to this concoction one adds a small amount of gold chloride. The mixture sits overnight to settle and then slowly decanted in to a tray and heated to 100-110 farenheit. A wet print is placed in the mixture and the silver deposits within the print are coated with gold. The results vary depending on type of paper, print contrast, duration in the toner and with the toner bath being heated the concentration of the mixture changes over time as the water evaporates. Warmtone papers take on a more yellow cast, coldtone papers more of a red. The print is then washed, refixed, and then washed again. Each print was a bit of a surprise. Great fun.
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