Sunday, August 19, 2007

Macro Photography.
I decided to devote the morning to doing some macro work on some of my flowers using color film. I set up my PB-4 bellows with a 105 f4 nikkor bellows lens. A bellows lens unlike a standard macro lens requires a bellows attachment for focusing. When you use a lens extender such as a bellows or extension tube you have take in account the exposure increase factor. As the lens is moved further from the film plane less light reaches the film and the working apeture changes i.e f16 becomes f22 and you use a little ruler like this to help you determine the factor and calculate exposure properly. The ruler has to be designed for a specific film size. The only one I have is for 35mm. I use a couple of strobe lights for lighting and a light meter that has flash meter capabilities. You can set up very elaborate lighting for Macro work using multiple inexpensive strobe lights or one strobe light and a reflective surface on the other side of the subject to bounce light and reduce harsh shadows. An excellent reflector for macro work is just crinkle up some aluminum foil and stretch it over a piece of cardboard and hold it in place at different angles to the flash to get different affects. I put up a dark background at a distance from the subject for a neutral background. The flowers are Ipomoea multifida, or 'Cardinal Climber' a quick growing vine I have growing in a pot on my front porch.


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