Sunday, September 23, 2007

Last week I got an interesting comment on my blog related to some pictures I posted taken back in the 1950's of the neighborhood I grew up in. She suggested that her parents had purchased a home in this area and were remodeling it. The house may have been the one I lived in. I e-mailed back to her that I'm very curious to see what house she was talking about and asked her to e-mail a picture to me but I haven't received any response. Here is a picture of the house we lived in and I also found this very beat up negative taken with an old brownie hawkeye probably by my mother of the view from our kitchen window. I tried yesterday to make a print with the negative and it came out pretty good but after scanning it I decided to soften it up a bit and make it just as fuzzy as my old memories of that place. For instance the lovely little mill pond and falls seen here was a place I remember my older brother liked to hunt rats with his BB Gun. Our mother eventually took away Jims B.B. gun and hid it somewhere in that old house where he would never find it and for all I know it still may be there. Funny thing is when my wife and I had a remodel done in our old house one of the carpenters found an old B.B. gun shoved up under some floor joists. That was probably the fate of a lot of old BB guns back then.


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