Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Amaretto Cookie Trick step by step instructions. 1. Flatten out the paper.2. Roll it fairly tight in to a roll that will be about the size of a toilet paper tube. 3. Set it in an ash tray on a low table and not anywhere near anything that is highly flammable. 4. Light the top in more then one place so it will burn down evenly. 5. Make sure you hold very still while it is burning so no wind currents will knock it over before it has burned down. If you did it right just as the tube is burned down to the last little bit at the bottom the last little ring of paper while still on fire will rise straight up 6 ft in to the air depending on how still the air is around it. The ash will very slowly float down and if no one moves or breaths it may land back in to the ash tray by itself. Since I learned this trick I've never met anyone else who had seen it before but in the film 'Big Night' near the end of the big meal everyone sitting down at the table does it.


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