Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well I've done it. I just submitted my photographs and artistic statement and bio to the 23 Sandy Exhibit, Resurrection: A New Look at Old Photographic Processes http://www.23sandy.com/Resurrection/CallforEntries.html
I completed the process entirely online, paying the entry fee, submitting my application and images electronically before I could change my mind. I had known about this exhibit since January and I started immediately putting together photographs and trying to write an artists statement and bio. I was encouraged that this was an exhibit for "Real Photography" but I wondered if my work fit the theme of the show primarily because I don't consider what I do as "Old Photographic Processes" but the only photographic process that can yield serious results. I kept changing my mind though about submitting. The deadline was in two days and I was still conflicted. The electronic filing allowed me to stay in my comfort zone and since I had to pay the fee before I submitted the work once I did that I was pretty much committed. It doesn't hurt to try at least once a year to put your work up for consideration. So I've done it. I feel okay about it. I think.


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