Monday, May 12, 2008

I like Lichens.
I found these attached to branches on various shrubs in my back yard last fall. I photographed them using my 4x5 camera but these were done with 35mm film, Agfa 25, using my 105 nikkor bellows lens. These are uncropped but I might try printing with a little more enlargement and cropping out about 25%. The fine grain film and sharpness of the nikkor optics would allow that and reveal more of the details of the subject. I have always been drawn to early photographic work done for scientific illustration where the camera is just used as a tool to record with as little embellishment as possible. What I like about the work of Karl Blossfeldt is that his pictures found a happy medium between art and science. He was a botanist but he also taught art and he wanted his photographs to serve as inspiration by revealing the beautiful designs found in natural forms.


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