Sunday, May 04, 2008

I worked in the darkroom this morning for the first time in two months. I selected 2 negatives of pictures I took in downtown Portland in 1972 and spent several hours just working with making one good print of each. I want to go back and reshoot these two pictures using the same camera lens combination so I can shoot the exact same composition to show how the neighborhood has changed in 35 years. It felt great to be back in the darkroom after a long absence. I love the smell of stop bath in the morning. It smells like....Creativity. May 8th- I went back to these two spots with the Nikon and 50mm lens that I used in 1972 to try and shoot the picture from the exact same spot. The 3rd and Taylor location of the "Adult Businesses" is now a vacant lot. I had a little more luck going to the corner of Ankeny and Broadway where Marys Club is still there. The lamp post, the sign above Marys, and the Stewart Hotel are pretty much exactly as they were in 1972. The Jesus sign is gone and the buildings are all there and little changed but now totally obscured by trees. Hopefully I can develop the film tomorrow and work on the prints on the weekend and post the images on Sunday.


Blogger Kristin said...

I just read your whole blog (a lot of it for the second time) and love the photos. Your old photos of Portland are especially great. Please keep them coming.

2:05 PM  

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