Friday, April 25, 2008

Here is the official E-card for the Resurrection show at 23 Sandy Blvd. May 2-31 with a complete list of all photographers represented: Jody Ake, Keliy Anderson-Staley, Chris Bennett,
Rita Bernstein, José Betancourt and Susan Weil,
Ray Bidegain, Victoria Bjorklund, Brianna Burnett,
Alison Carey, Rebecca Clark, Joy Goldkind,
Kate Kaznowska, Tom Kearcher, Heidi Kirkpatrick,
Galina Kurlat, Matthew Larkin, Jim Leisy, Stu Levy,
Michael Mazzeo, Chip McDaniel, Paul Mckee,
Eric Mertens, Jeannette Palsa, Jan Potts, David Prifti,
Thomas Rutter, Rosanna Salonia, Elaine Sedgman,
Joni Sternbach, Ian van Coller, Peggy Washburn,
Matthew Yates, Ryan Zoghlin
I've been looking at the work of the other photographers who will have pictures in this exhibit and I feel a bit intimidated. This is going to be a very impressive show. If I never have another picture in an exhibit I'll be fine with that because of the level of quality of the other photographers my picture will be hanging with.


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