Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lone Fir Infrared Goldtoned.

I haven't made anything new in months so I've been going back through prints I made that at the time I didn't like to see if they now look any better. Sometimes a print that just didn't come out the way I expected looks better after a few months when I've had time to forget what my orginal expectations were and can just accept the print for what it is. I took this picture using one of the few rolls of Konica infrared film I had managed to find in 120 format with my Koni-Omega camera a few years ago. I didn't really like the picture and I tried goldtoning the print last fall to see if that helped any. The only thing I ever really liked about this picture was the way the birch leaves picked up the sunlight and the way the gold toner shifted the color in the upper part of the print where the leaves filtered the sunlight. I exposed for the shade and where the sun is brightest all the detail is lost. I could try burning those areas in but the picture still doesn't motivate me to want to revisit printing it.


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