Monday, July 07, 2008

Jacob Kamm House in the Second Empire style, Water front restaurant Lucier in the Declining Empire style. Obviously I prefer the classical over the crapical but I take a little more pride in the waterfront picture. I aligned the corner of the building in the foreground with the condo in the background to fuse them photographically in to one shape. The bright light, faster film and wide angle lens gave me greater depth of field so both buildings are in focus which helped. I had a lot of glass to introduce reflected imagery. The light in the waterfront picture was also more problematic then the Jacob Kamm House because it was bright contrasting sun from a cloudless sky versus flat lighting from an overcast sky. The buildings are shaded and I exposed for the shaded areas, the sidewalk outside of the shadow of the building was reflecting more light then the sky so it has to be burned in a little more to bring out some detail. I created a mask to dodge the buildings and allow an extra 20 seconds of exposure for the sky and sidewalk. I could have burned in the sidewalk an extra 5 seconds probably if I wanted to make the print a little better but the picture was hardly worth the effort. I also kind of like that the sidewalk is one zone darker then paper base just enough to show a little detail and in a brighter zone then the the sky. I wish there had been some clouds in the sky though and the clouds could have matched the sidewalk. As Ansel Adams said "The Negative is the score, the print is the Performance." I hate the flat light of the Kamm House picture.


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