Sunday, August 31, 2008

South waterfront OHSU building, Tram and an art installation taken last month. I visited this place for the first time a year ago. I rode the streetcar over on my lunch hour stayed a few minutes took a picture of the tram and one of the condo towers and rode back. The place had a funny smell to it, sort of like a swamp and still resembled a construction site. For all the hype I was reminded at the time of the quote by Gertrude Stein about her native Oakland, California; "There is no there there." That pretty much sums up South Waterfront. A year later the street car now does a full loop through the place, there are a few restaurants and the park hosts monthly art installations like this one consisting of a lot of white pvc pipe stuck in the ground with black mylar streamers attached. I speculated to myself a couple of years ago when they were clearing the land and cleaning it up for the construction of giant condo towers that would ruin the views for their Lair Hill neighbors to the west it would be the perfect place for a retro 50's style mobile home park filled with all kinds of brightly colored travel trailers. This would have appealed to Portlands Creative Class and artistic hipsters far more then these giant towers that will probably be Portlands first foreclosure wasteland.


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