Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is from the Kennywood Amusement park. I was shooting Agfa 100 with an orange filter to bring out the sky. I used a 24mm lens. I noticed the negatives seemed a tad under exposed. I had just changed the batteries in the light meter in my Nikon F which I did have calibrated for the higher voltage batteries but I think the problem with the more enviromentally friendly new batteries over the old mercury batteries has to do with the voltage stability. The old mercury batteries kept a constant output of 1.3 volts until they expired the newer batteries start out "hot" at probably 1.55 volts and so underexpose a bit at first, then as they wear down the voltage lowers and they overexpose. I am going to need to remember to check my camera light meter against my hand held light meter and adjust the camera meter for the variance in voltages. I printed these on ilford matte warm tone paper with a grade 3-4 filter when I usually use a 1-2.


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