Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We just got back last night from one of our rare family summer vacation trips. This one was epic by our standards we flew back to Pittsburgh where my wife grew up and spent over a week there. We took the boys to Kennywood one of Americas oldest amusement parks, introduced the boys to their 2 surviving East Coast relations, spent a day in Pittsburgh in order to visit one of the Carnegie Museums, Phipps Conservatory and wander in downtownPittsburgh trying to figure out the public transportation system. I went with my wife to her 35th High School Reunion in Monogahela and saw Fallingwater. At Kennybrook we turned the boys loose with their Aunt and I explored the park and got my only chance to leisurely stroll with my cameras and photograph. The rest of the time I was pretty much under a schedule and so couldn't really photograph "my way". I only used up a roll and a half of Agfa black and white film, and 2 1/2 rolls of color. I carried my Nikon F and Nikkormat with 3 lenses my 24mm, 35mm perspective control lens, and my 85mm 1.8 which I never used. I am going to rest today before I go back to work and develop the black and white film so I can begin printing it this weekend (that is if the film wasn't fogged by airport security equipment).


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