Sunday, December 07, 2008

Portland 1974
You have to see this. Here is a link to the excellent blog Cafe Unknown. It is a selection of photos from the PSU yearbook of 1974 which was made up of photographs taken around PSU and the city that contains it. Called a Portland Family Album. I remember this collection. The photographs are impressive and made when taking a photograph still took a photographer and not just a camera. This list of buzz words from 1974 some local some national is interesting. "Pocket calculators" you got love that, the 1974 equivalent of the laptop. Perhaps before the year is up I'll post my own list for 2008. Also check out his most recent entry including photographs by Minor White taken of the old waterfront around Front Ave. when Portland actually did look like a European city. Of course Europe had WWII and we had Urban Renewal.


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