Saturday, January 03, 2009

Really, it's much nicer then it looks.
Just as I was gearing up to do a little darkroom work after months of absence some water has seeped in under my darkroom. I built the floor of the darkroom with a thick plastic layer as a vapor barrier between the plywood floor and the concrete hoping to avoid a mess like this. I noticed though that some water had seeped up through the plastic and when I walked in the darkroom a little water would seep through cracks and holes in the cheap vinyl flooring I put down over the plywood. Nothing serious but I think I'll stay out until the water recedes. Eventually I may have to tear out the floor and replace. I'm not really much of a builder. I think I'd be smarter to build another darkroom twice the size in a dryer part of the basement closer to the laundry tub or even build one with running water or at least a hose connecting the print washer and a longer hose to drain directly into the storm drain so the print washer could be in the darkroom.


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