Saturday, March 14, 2009

I worked with this negative last weekend. Taken with a Koni-Omega 200 and using one of the few rolls of 120 infared film I had. I shot this up in the Japanese Gardens probably in 2005. I was dissapointed with the negatives and at the time never went beyond reviewing the contact sheet. Infared film in an outdoor situation should be exposed with an ASA reading of about 10 so you want to use a tripod. This is hardly a subject that takes advantage of the special properties of infrared film. I thought I'd try making a print to see if I could save the detail in the reflections on the waters surface by cutting a mask and reducing the exposure in the lower 1/3. That area would have printed almost a solid black if I had wanted the fern to not be a solid white. I used a low contrast filter of 1/2.
I've been working more with my 120 negatives the last couple of weeks. I can get a 6x6 format with my Mamiya and a 6x7 with my Koni-Omega. I wish I had a camera that could shoot the film with a still wider 6x9 format which would be closer to the proportions of 35mm film. I prefer the pure square to the slight rectangular of the 6x7 format which is a just a little short of the proportions of the golden rectangle.


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