Sunday, May 24, 2009

This is another rangefinder that intrigues me, Konica S2. Love the ad from the 1960's. Camera cost a little less then 150.00 back then. The equivalent of around 500.00 today. A model in pristine condition probably could still sell today for almost as much as it sold for back then. This camera reminds me very much of the Mamiya Sekor Super Deluxe that I used in High School.
It has just the level of technology I want. A mechanical rather then electric shutter, all manual operation with only the cds meter requiring a battery. The lens is a 1.8 with above the lens metering that will allow metering while a filter is over the camera lens just like the Canonets. A nice one sells for between 50-75 rather then the 75-100+ that the Canonet sells for. Not as many on the market as the Canonet but not rare either.


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